Tough Reinforced Cable

Kevlar Reinforced Cable - REEWO

Tough Reinforced Cable

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Better material, better the strength

The braided cable is made up of Aramid fibre which is strong enough to survive extreme force.
The cables have gone through 20000 bend tests before it is let out for sales.


Forget the frays

Strain relief connectors add to the life of the cable along with the bending radius being 2 times more than the ordinary cables.
Nylon outer braiding with inner kevlar core makes this charging cable the ultimate goto cable.


One for all

Use the same cable with any fast charging adapter.
Stop buying different cables for different adapters



Best case ever

Great Product... Keeps device safe, Value for Money.. Almost as good as Apple's iPhone Cases

Rohit Sanjiv Gangadharan (Amazon Customer)

Value for Money

Value for money. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a minimal case with adequate protection

Aiyan Kapoor

Premium Quality

Amazing product quality. Very Premium. Worth the money they charged. Very happy with the product. Surely worth it.

Saurav Chauhan (Flipkart Customer)

Quality Product

The fabric case feels amazing.. Lasting longer than expected

Sanjay K

Nice and Decent cover

It's very decent and looks classy on my iPhone. Soft fabric helps in handling phone easily..

Abhishek M
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