How to choose a charging cable

how to choose a charging cable 

Sick of the usual damaged cables? Forget the struggle of finding a reliable charging cable. At the end of this article, you will be able to make a wise choice of charging cables.

Did you know? Upgrading your charging cable is as important as updating your phone. As technology evolves, so will the way of charging.

Now you must be thinking, upgrading charging cables? Huh?

Yes, charging cables do not work the same with all the adapters.
For example, a normal charging cable cannot withstand high charging currents or handle the power of a fast charging adapter. Fast charging adapters also deliver better efficiency when used with fast charging cables saving power.

A damaged cable is something we all can relate to. Can’t we?  We have all carried a damaged cable at least once and are forced to buy new cables in as little as less than a year. The life of a typical charging cable, used however gentle, is not more than a year.

Using a substandard USB cable can hinder full-power charging of your devices. Even though the cables that accompany smartphones are sufficient, some of the generic USB cables do not perform the job very well. Also, a cheap charging cable spoils the phone’s battery health thereby affecting the overall performance of your phone.

Not just charging problems, there are times when your phone is connected for charging and accidentally bump on the wires and your precious 1000$ phones get damaged.

We’re always warned that cheap or fake charging cables could cause a fire. There have been stories of fake chargers exploding in hands, causing serious burns and electrical shocks. Apart from which, exposed conductors are harmful to children and we can be at the risk of short circuits and fires. Damaged charging cables can also affect the phone’s battery in the long run. Also, there is always a hassle in connecting and disconnecting the cables. Such problems with cables seem unable to be resolved.


Now that one cannot stop with buying a branded phone, the quality of the charging cable should also be given at most importance.

Introduction of magnetic charging cables was a leap in the smartphone accessories genre. These cables snap off when bumped on the wire. Most magnetic cables are also compatible with fast charging adapters and are tangle-free.
Recently braided cables have been introduced to increase the life of a charging cable.
Now again, there are multiple options for magnetic cables. See how the Reewo's magnetic charging cable stands out.

Keeps your $1000 phone safe
Magnetic cables snap off to prevent the phone from falling off when we bump on the wire accidentally. Therefore, magnetic coupling reduces the risk of phone damage.

Designed to last / Dense and durable
Magnetic design protects the cable from damage on bending. The tough and durable nylon braided exterior provides added protection against wear and tear, making Bmag cable, the one that lasts forever.
Attach your cables with your eyes closed
A connecting experience you will come to love. Aren’t we all sick of flipping the charging cable back and forth to connect it right.

One cable to charge your iPhones and androids
Cross compatible magnetic design allows you to power all your smart devices with the same charging cable. Now stop buying multiple charging cables for different phones.

Built to handle power with ease
Superior quality copper can withstand upto 3 Amps of current and 12 Volts of voltage making it compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Samsung adaptive fast charge and other fast charging adapters.

Click here to know more about the features of Reewo’s braided magnetic cable.


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